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Energy Boosters

in response to: Getting into Flow

I've been on the GTD bandwagon since the beginning of 2006, and am still constantly tweaking. Here's my current list of energy boosters/stabilizers:

  • writing (i.e. primarily "morning pages"-style journalling ala The Artist's Way)
  • music (I like your emphasis on familiar, rather than new music; I've been trying to figure out which music works best for being motivating, not distracting)
  • food: smoothies, powerbars, coffee in the morning, "chocolate crack" (the M&M equivalents from Whole Foods, with real sugar)
  • regroup at a cafe (usually Barefoot Coffee Roasters)
  • hiking
  • sleep sooner & wake earlier; this is #1
  • nap: 20 minutes
  • play with the cats
  • set time limits
  • competition
In retrospect, it seems very Zen that my energy-builders are about adding whitespace to my life rather than "trying harder".
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