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User Issues are Like Ants

  • For every one you see, there are a hundred you don't.
  • There are a LOT of them.
  • Ants exchange food by regurgitation (eww), and unhappy customers tend to spread their unhappiness. Call it viral anti-marketing, if you wish.

The solution? As soon as you see the first one, you have identified both a problem and a weakness, a symptom and a cause, and it is considerably less expensive to fix both right away rather than wait for things get worse.

Then again...

User issues are not like ants

  • Hiring an 'exterminator' rarely works, nor does 'pesticide'.
  • User issues are people problems.
  • You can often solve the real problem simply by being nice and considerate.
  • The problem was probably caused by you not being nice and considerate.
  • User issues are hints about how, perhaps, your company should be evolving.
  • If you don't have user issues, you aren't trying hard enough.
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