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Scott Adams Beats the Odds

With a mix of passion and beginners mind, Scott Adams succeeds by doing what we wants, foolishly accepting opportunities and failing at the things that didn't really matter:

In Over My Head

Some favorite bits:

It was the sort of solution where once you saw it, you knew it was right.

One syndicate helpfully suggested that I find an actual artist to do the drawing for me. United Media had lower standards and offered me a contract for Dilbert. That turned out to be a good move on their part.

They thought humor might be one part of the solution, and they were Dilbert fans, so they tracked me down. The challenge was that the bad ideas sounded terrific to the uninformed person.

I suggested a few cleverly designed, hypnosis-inspired phrases that were the linguistic equivalent of Kung Fu.

I must confess that I fail miserably about ten times for every one success.

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