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Customer Support is About Helping People

Have you ever felt that the automated e-mail response to your customer support query felt a little... Forced? Detached? Superficial?

Thank your for contacting the WeAreTheBest(TM) Customer Support Center. Your issue has been registered as ticket NIF1031477. Please include your ticket number in all correspondence.

Your customer experience is important to us. Really. We mean it. We really care, honestly.

Another automated reply to your request will be e-mailed to you within seven business days. Thank you and have a nice day.

Smiles and cheerful language are not enough; you need more than a company mandate to include happy language and sparkling demeanor. Your customer support staff must have an honest desire to be helpful not cheerful.

Don't hire Nurse Ratched. Don't hire strangers in foreign countries. Hire Ambassadors. Hire good listeners. Hire people who look you in the eye and who truly believe that your company is a good thing for people.

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