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GWT Development with Eclipse

I had to jump through a few hoops to get Cypal Studio for GWT (the de-facto and perhaps only Eclipse plugin for GWT development) installed in Eclipse 3.3.0 (Europa). G.R. Prakash's tutorial was helpful but some of the installation specifics were misleading, so follow these installation instructions first:

  1. Download the GWT Toolkit from Google Code.
  2. To get the proper Eclipse features installed that are required by Cypal Studio I had to use the "Europa Discovery" update site, ignoring the EMF and WTP sites. Install these "Web and J2EE Development" features from Europa Discovery:
    • WST 2.0
    • JST 2.0
  3. Then I downloaded Cypal Studio. (No update site, just an archive that is installed into your root Eclipse directory.)
  4. Point to the GWT Toolkit directory in Preferences -> Cypal Studio.
  5. To get started, create a "Web/Dynamic Web Project" with a "Cypal Studio GWT Project" configuration.

I'm excited about GWT's ease of development, but I'm worried about how monolithic and "application"-centered it seems. It seems great if I want to do something on the scale of Google's applications, but what if I just want to add a little Ajax-style intelligence and interactivity to a few Web forms?

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