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The Truth Always Brings People Closer

Always. So why, you ask, do people lie to each other? Or at least fail to express the full, raw, fundamental truth?

Because they are afraid of being close to others. You say you want to be close to someone, but you don't want to open yourself up completely. Sorry, but connection is a 2-way street. To truly see someone, you need to be willing to be truly seen yourself. To love someone and be loved, you need to expose your heart.

Being truthful, being radically truthful, is as naked as you can get. Stage fright, which is the #1 fear among most people (worse than the fear of death) is nothing compared to the fear of being radically truthful throughout your life. It's not even on the list of fears, because most people haven't even considered it.

This applies to business as well. Authentic business is coming into its own because people are getting better at resisting the psychological manipulation tactics of marketers. Marketing is now measured by the depth of your relationships with your customers, rather than market share. Transparency builds trust. Authentic marketing showcases your company and your product as it truly is, so you must have a great company and a great product.

By the way, read this book: Radical Honesty: How to Transform Your Life by Telling the Truth by Brad Blandton. And anything/everything by Seth Godin, while you're at it.

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