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Integrity is Hard

Everyone knows that exercise is good for you, but most people still don’t do it. The same principle applies for relationships, and your career. This applies to coding: writing code that will be resilient five years from now requires more time, mindfulness and intuition than code-it-quick solutions.

This applies to marketing: the days of Influence marketing where you “do whatever works” are numbered. This isn’t just because people are getting smarter and seeing through your tactics, It’s because there is now an abundance of choice, and everyone is sharing their opinions about those choices. So now you have to be authentic.

To find your integrity, go with your gut. One of the fascinating tidbits I got out of The Paradox of Choice was that people usually go with their gut feeling in the long run, but when they are asked to rationalize a decision they often end up making a different decision which has instant gratitude attached, but over the long term they still would have made the gut decision instead.

It’s easy to make money, get something done, or meet an individual goal if you don’t care about the ramifications of your actions, of your way of being. But courage is doing the right thing. And with integrity, doing the right thing is your only choice.

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