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24-Hour Film Festival Movie: Sex with a Chick on Acid

A couple weeks ago I participated in the 24-hour film festival put on by the Meisner Technique Studio in SF.

I had never been in a 48-hour festival, much less a 24-hour festival which is even more intense. It was an awesome experience! We had a top-notch crew (Peter Burns and Eric Katsuleres from BDFI) and a large talented cast, mostly friends and peers from Jim Jarrett’s Meisner Technique School. We shot all night and into the morning. Then the actors retired and the crew spent the rest of the day editing the movie--getting it to the screening just in time to show it.

Here is ‘directors cut’ of the film, a little bit longer and more refined than the version shown at the screening:

Sex with A Chick on Acid Or The Wisdom to Know the Difference (6 minutes)

[Update: Sorry, the video has been made private. Maybe YouTube didn’t like the title?]

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